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CNC S3025 CNC Drilling EDM

CNC S3025

CNC Drilling EDM

XYZ axes travel: 300x250x350mm (11.8"x9.84"x13.78")
W axis travel: 350mm (13.78")
Work table: 600x300mm (23.6"x11.8")
Max. Workpiece: 850x530x300mm (33.4"x20.8"x11.8")
Max. Workpiece weight: 400kg
Distance from table to guide plate: 50~400mm (1.96"x15.74")
Machine dimensions: 1300x1600x2600 (51.18"x62.99"x102.36")
Machine net weight: 1100kg
Electrode diameter: 0.2~3.0mm
Dielectric fluid: pure water ( dielectric oil for 0.2mm or below)

Filtration: Paper filter
Controlling axes XYZW
Monitor: 15" LCD screen
Input/output unit: LAN/USB
Min. Setting Unit: 0.001mm
Min. Moving Unit: 0.001mm
Graphical display: 2D
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Machine Features
1. This system utilizes Windows CE controller.
2. Able to store data through USB and internet.
3. Dialogue window, along with picture description functions.
4. Touchscreen type interface.
5. Special repaired frames to quicken the maintenance speed.
6. Close-Loop design of digital feedback on three axis of the machine, significantly increases positioning accuracy.
7. Possessing good and simple operation interfaces
Common function keys are located on the operation panel for direct use, hot key function on screen for quick access.
8. ATC (automatic tool changer) and AGC(automatic guide chnger) can be installed

9. Unlimited number of machining conditions can be saved as machining archives. Each set of machining conditions can be edited, modified or stored. They are easy to edit and easy to search.
10. Automatic origin search and multi-point coordinate memory capability.
11. Chinese/English versions, Metric/British system switch and quick up, quick down, and slow up and slow down capabilities, resolution can reach 1um.

12. All alarms describe the source, data and exact time of problem occurrence.

13. Able to proceed standard GM code and extra GM code
14. Able to proceed DXF file transfer to position coordinate function
15. AB axis rotate table can be installed
16. Position simulation and work route can be displayed
17. During discharge change new electrode can automatically compensate depth
18. Backlash point automatic compensate function
19. Able to do single hole drilling, multiple hole drilling and multi thickness drilling
20. Blindhole drilling function, any depth can be set
21. Initial current can set to reduced value, which can prevent workjob surface damage
22. Initial polarity reverse function, can prevent uneven electrode caused efficiency decrease
23. Six axis linear interoperate accelerate speed movement
24. Input, output, various of machine status real time display system
25. Discharge program and parameter conversion function
《 Standard Accessories for High-speed Drilling CNC EDM 》
Tool Box*1
Brass Electrode 1.0mm*10
Electrode Guide 1.0mm*1
Standard Chuck*1
Foot Pads*1 set
Rubber Seal*10
Halogen Work Lamp*1
Flushing Unit*1 set

《 Optional Accessories for High-speed Drilling CNC EDM 》
Electrode Guide(Other diameters)
Brass Electrode(Other diameters)
ER Type Chuck for electrodes up to 6mm
Submerged Work Tank
75Amp Power upgrade
Filtration System with Resin Bottle
A,B Axes