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DZNC S2520 Drilling EDM

DZNC S2520

DZNC Drilling EDM

XYZ axes travel: 250x200x350 mm (10"x8"x14")

Work table: 450x210mm (18"x8")
Max. Workpiece: 630x430x160 mm (25"x17"x6")
Max. Workpiece weight: 250 kg
Distance from table to guide plate: 0-150 mm (0"-6")
Machine dimensions: 950x1140x2000 mm (37"x45"x79")
Machine net weight: 600 kg
Electrode diameter: 0.2~3.0 mm
Dielectric fluid: Pure water (oil for drilling bellow 0.2 mm)
Working fluid tank capacity: 20 liters
Filtration: paper filter
Machine Features
1. Oscillation output is controlled by a micro-computer, achieving accurate fine machining at high speed.
2. The operator only needs to input the working current. The other working parameters will be generated automatically.
3. The working fluid is water--pollution free.
4. Machining parameter can be altered during machining.
5. Machining at high speed or at a low rate of electrode wear can be chosen according to specific needs.
6. It's idea for machining on hard alloy and various type of surface like spherical, curved and inclined.
7. The machine is capable of retaining data in case of a power outage. All machining data and position values are stored automatically when a power failure occurs.
8. In case of power outage, this machine prevents data loss for up to ten years.
9. The controller allows machining depth setting.
《 Standard Accessories for High-speed Drilling DZNC EDM 》
Tool Box*1PC
Electrode guide ∅ 1mm*1PC
Brass Electrode ∅ 1mm*10PCS
Standard Chuck *1
Halogen Work Lamp*1
Flushing Unit*1SET
Leveling Pad*1 set
X, Y axis scale
Z axis encoder
High-precision X, Y, Z ballscrew

《 Optional Accessories for High-speed Drilling DZNC EDM 》
Electrode Guide (Other diameters)
Brass Electrode (Other diameters)
ER Type Chuck for electrodes up to 6.35mm
Submerged Work Tank
75Amp Power upgrade
Filtration System with Resin Bottle

An intelligent programmable deep hole drilling machine is designed to meet various machining requirements. Simply setting the machining current alone allows other machining parameters to be set automatically. This machine is easy to operate and will give you the high quality machining you've been looking for.
Machine Features
  • Machine structures are designed by advanced CAD system to ensure deformation-free machine body and high accuracy under an extra-heavy load.

  • Table surface are hardened by high frequency heat treatment to maximize wear resistance.

  • Precision ballscrews on XY axes provide smooth transmission and highly accurate axis movements.

  • Machine structures are made from Taiwanese-made high quality cast iron FC35 that is solution heat-treated and stress relieved by stretching. This assures high rigidity, deformation-free structure and highly dependable machining accuracy.

  • A spindle feed on a linear guideway ensures long-term accuracy and durability.

  • Machine structures are designed by computer analysis to achieve anti-pull, anti-press and anti-stress properties, ensuring machining accuracy.

  • The slide guideway is a design of V-shape groove with plane surface; TURCITE-B slice is applied to resist rub, allowing brisk and accurate movement under a heavy load.

  • All three axes have FAGOR 1μ or 5μlinear scale with complete close-loop control. Interference is never an issue.

  • The development of both software and hardware, design of casting, machine painting, mechanic assembly, electric wiring, controller assembly and machine tests are done by HCM’s personnel. Quality is highly guaranteed.

  • Machine painting is conducted in a dust-free environment. Machine paintings do not peel off after an extended period of time.

  • The electronic system is assembled according to European standard decreed by CE. Every wire has a number, so they can be easily identified for servicing; every connection point between wires and IC circuits is fixed by a screw to avoid poor contact and oxidization; To prevent damages or electric shock due to moisture, machine’s outer wiring is protected by a layer black tube.